A significant investment has been made in the Training Complex to create this unique environment for athletes to develop and achieve their goals.  The gymnasium includes a wide array of Sports Performance equipment, a full basketball/volleyball court, the Noah training system, gym gear and accessories.

Sports Performance

Middle School and Up

Programs: All programs consist of testing and evaluating speed, power, strength, & endurance. The goal is to improve upon the initial test with in 24-36 sessions. Best results will be achieved with a commitment of 3-4 training sessions a week.

Drop Ins : We offer drop in sessions for athletes in season or who just have busy schedules. Drop ins will provide athletes with fundamentals to help them maintain athletic performance.

Sports performance sessions: Each session consist of a dynamic warm- up, plyometric focus, speed & agility development, strength improvement, & conditioning. Athletes will improve flexibility, coordination, & lower the risk of future injuries. They will also increase upper & lower body explosiveness by jumping, throwing, & slamming. Athletes will receive technical instruction in order to grasp the movement concepts of acceleration, agility, & maximal velocity speeds. We will also require our athletes to react & move at high speeds with proper form. We implement proper resting to assure increases of speed & agility.
Strength training is scaled according to age/ ability appropriateness, however you are never to young to improve muscular strength. The load & degree of intensity is scaled to fit each athlete. Lastly, we will test you mentally & physically in the conditioning department. We will develop fun ways to help you improve your endurance.